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Welcome to the HA6S Project!

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Welcome to the HA6S Project!

Post by tendra91 on Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:14 am

Thank you for visiting and welcome to the HA6S Project! The HA6S Project is a collaborative fan-comic project where HA! fans will attempt to create fanmade sixth season episodes in comic form. Through this project, we hope to rekindle more interest in this great cartoon and help bring the HA! fan-community closer together. By producing fanmade sixth season episodes, HA! fans are able to get more HA! without potentially spoiling “The Jungle Movie”. We hope we have caught your interest and that you can join us!

HA6S Related Sites that You Should be Aware About

We have three HA6S-related sites for this project, all with a different purpose:

  1. The HA6S WordPress site! The HA6S WordPress site ( will be the base site where the project can be explained to newcomers (such as what the project is about, how you can contribute, ect.) and where bi-weekly announcements/updates on the project will be made. Please take a look through this site to get a sense of what the project is about. We recommend that you read through the “To Do List” and “Be a Part of the Project!” pages if you want a detailed description of the project.
  2. This forum! The HA6S forum ( will be the main place where HA6S staff members can communicate with one another and collaborate to create sixth season episodes in comic format. Join us by registering as a HA6S staff member today!
  3. The “Hey Arnold!” Critical Analysis website! Some of you are familiar with this site. is a HA! fansite intended to be used as a resource for fan-artists and other HA! fans wishing to gain some insight into the cartoon. This site includes drawing tips, character analysis, explanation of themes, a list of known information about “The Jungle Movie” and “The Patakis”, and more!

The First Things You Should Do

The first thing that we recommend you to do is to get an comprehensive idea of how the HA6S project works and how you can help. Read the “To Do List” to get a detailed description about the project, from what we need to do before we start the project, to how to make fanmade sixth season episodes in comic format, to the release of the HA6S comics to the general public. Read “Be a Part of the Project” to learn about the many ways you can contribute and how you can register to be a staff member!

If you would like to be a part of this project, begin by creating an account on the HA6S forum. Head over to the sub-forum titled “Register as a Staff Member” and read the Sticky thread to learn how you can register as a HA6S staff member. We hope to see you on the forums soon!

This is where we'll be holding a discussion to make sure that all members understand and are comfortable with how the HA6S project will work. Please find the time to reply to this thread and give us any feedback/questions/concerns you might have about the HA6S project.

Further announcements will be made shortly in the future about how we will start working on the HA6S project and our first episode project.

Thank you for your interest!

- The Directors

Edit: Just for clarification, creating an account on the forums is not considered the entire registration process. You need to write a thread in the "Register as a Staff Member" sub-forum and read its sticky thread. Thank you!

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