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Fanfic idea

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Fanfic idea

Post by InnocentThought on Thu May 13, 2010 1:19 am

So, uh... How should I start this?

I have a fanfic idea up for grabs if anyone wants to do it. I would write it myself but I'm not much of a writer unless compelled by strong emotions.

The idea that I have actually is the same as the plot idea I posted in the general discussion area. The one about Helga running away, except this fic would be a lot angsty-er. I actually did write the first part but I'm such a lazy bum and I know that if I keep writing it'll start to sound bad. So... I'll post a little bit of what I've written and if anyone would like to finish the story they can go right ahead.

Oh, the song that inspired this is called Airplanes by B.O.B. Check it out.

"The ceiling of her room was probably the most interesting thing she had seen all day. It wasn’t new-and-improved or fun to look at—it was the same ceiling she’d always had--but at that moment it was distracting her from having to listen to the fight that was erupting downstairs. It was 8:30 at night and Helga lay in bed, fully dressed, with a blank expression on her face. She was trying not to listen to her parents. She was trying not to think about what they were arguing over. Not that it mattered because it wouldn’t affect her. Not really, at least. Helga had gotten so used to them bickering, arguing, drinking, and ignoring her that she slowly disassociated herself with any of it. It was like she had built a wall a long time ago. So it was no problem for her to ignore the people she called mom and dad downstairs as they started another row with each other.

Tonight was harder, though. Helga didn’t know why but she just couldn’t stand it anymore. There was nothing to keep her mind off of the raised voices, even her ceiling, her raggedy doll, her heart wallpaper. Turning her head to the window she saw the half moon and a few scant clouds. The city lights were too bright for any of the stars to show through the dark blanket of night sky. If only she had a star to wish on. What would she wish for? That was easy: A way to get out of this hole; this thing that might be called a family that was sucking her life away. Helga had no stars but maybe the lights from the airplane that was traipsing care-free through the sky would do just as well.

She watched it for a minute. ‘I wish that someone would take me away from here,’ she thought. She could dream of someone (preferably a blonde-haired someone) coming and rescuing her and leaving this place in the dust. But that’s all they were—dreams. She knew that if anyone was going to do any saving it would have to be herself."


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