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Random Idea~

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Random Idea~

Post by ElegantVamp on Sat Dec 18, 2010 5:55 am

So, I was watching Will & Grace this morning, 'cause we had a two-hour delay.

Near the end of the episode, they kind of had this flash forward of Jack, Grace, Karen, and Will, probably 10-20 years later. How their lives had changed, and throughout everything, they still remained friends.

Then, when they were at a bar, still in the future, they took a drink, set their shot-glasses down, and BOOM! They were young again, laughing, and it fades out.

What if we do something like that for the final comic strip???

Just an idea...


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Post by SkaterGi on Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:14 pm

Hi Very Happy Don't mind me cuz I'm just a guest, but this guest does have an idea for the 6th season of Hey Arnold! What if the gang decide to make a movie using Arnold's grandpa's old video camera? Arnold could be the director and Gerald could be the writer and Helga could film it and Phoebe, Rhonda, Eugene, Harold, Sid and Stinky could be the set up crew and star in it. While creating the movie the gang could run in some mishaps like too many interuptions, wardrobe malfunctions, forgetting their lines, running out of film or whatever. Arnold could also remind the gang that even the best directors had trouble making movies. As a gag, they could keep showing up in random places to film the movie like in outer space or become totally animated in a different way. They could be animated in South Park or The Simpsons design. I got the idea for The Simpons gag from Craig Bartlett's (creator) brother-in-law Matt Groening who is the creator of The Simpsons and also Futurama. Laughing Whattaya Think? Cool


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Random Idea

Post by SkaterGi on Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:35 am

I came up with another few locations for the gang to shoot their movie. They could be filming and all of a sudden they're outlines are all wiggly. They could have the same design on that show Ed, Edd N' Eddy. Laughing Laughing Laughing

Arnold: Ok, action!

Sid: Huh? Wait a minute! Where are we?

(The kids see that the neighborhood is barely colored in and it looks weird).

Eugene: I've never been on this side of the neighborhood before.

Stinky: Maybe we should do this some place else.

Phoebe: I agree.

Helga: Hey, guys, is something wrong with the camera or are you chuckleheads just nervous? Why are you guys so wiggly? Criminey, chill out! It's just a movie.

Rhonda: It's not just us, Helga. You're wiggly too.

(Helga looks down at her hand and sees that she too, is indeed wiggly).

Helga: Whoaaa! I look weird. Cool. (Blink, Blink)

(Harold's tummy starts growling).

Harold: Aww, man. I'm so hungry. I feel like I'm gonna starve.

Rhonda: You'll eat in a minute, Harold!

Arnold: Come on, guys. Let's go shoot this film somewhere else. Somewhere that's not so wiggly.

The End! Very Happy


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Random Idea~

Post by Skater13 on Tue Jan 04, 2011 5:30 am

What if we do an episode where Big Bob decides to take Helga to the carnival and tries to bond with her, but Helga keeps pushing him away? Sick and tried of her Dad's ideas of bonding, she runs off away from him and injures herself. She dreams of all the times her father has been there for her and learns that he really loves in his own way. She finds herself in the hospital tent ( they are still at the carnival) and sitting by her bed she sees Big Bob with his head tucked under his arms and holding her hand. She wakes up and asks what happened and why Bob is holding her hand. Bob answers and said because I thought I would lose you. Helga tells Bob her dream and she said that she loves him. He returns the favor and says that she's not just his daughter, but his sidekick. They both leave the infimery tent and spend the rest of the day having fun and bonding. The End! R&R


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Re: Random Idea~

Post by Mykster on Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:41 am

I think we should make an episode where Helga learns more about Big Bob's life when he was a teenager. Tell me whether you think it should be a Hey Arnold episode for season 6 or I should save it for The Patakis. Details, details, diddly-doo. Anyhoo, the episode could be called "Big Bob's Story" or something along the lines of that. Here's the plot line: It’s Bob’s day off at the Beeper Emporium and it’s also Helga’s day off from school. (Olga could be still away at college or something and Miriam could be at the mall shopping). Meanwhile the TV crashes as well as the computer so the only way for them to entertain themselves is by telling stories. Helga doesn't have a story to tell so she goes to her room and leaves poor Bob all alone. Bob gets an idea that he could actually try to bond with Helga by telling her a story about when he was a teen and what he was like. He could be really an average, quiet and depressed teenager who was kinda the ladies' man and really muscular. I also decided to make Carlos from the episode Summer Love Bob's old best friend and how he became his enemy. Bob could also tell the story how he and Miriam met and how they were the most popular couple in school. (I'm thinking along the lines of Bob and Carlos working in a pizza shop and Bob delivering a pizza to Miriam's house and the first thing he sees when the door opens is Miriam when she was a teenager. They share a lovesick glare at each other and Miriam could ask Bob to come in. They both talk and laugh and admire and really start to listen to each other. They have something in common like their favorite type of topping on their pizza and how they like to eat it). The episode would also be a nice Bob episode since he didn't have that many in the old episodes. The ending could be really sweet too with Helga realizing how really cool her dad is and how she is just like him. This episode could also show what happens whenever Bob and Helga have the whole house to themselves. As a gag, I thought it would be funny if Helga could keep interupting his story by making stupid comments or jokes and asking a lot of pointless questions. I think it would be a good father-daughter bonding episode between Helga & her dad because they didn’t have that much throughout the series. The End. Whattaya think?


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Random Idea~

Post by Mykster on Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:22 am

How about an episode that could be based on the Wizard of Oz?

Phoebe = Dorothy

Abner = Toto

Helga = Scarecrow

Harold = Cowardly Lion

Stinky = TinMan

Grandma (Gertie) = Auntie Em

Big Bob = Wizard of Oz

I haven't really decided on who could be the Wicked Witch of the East, Dorothy's(Phoebe's) uncles, Glenda the God Witch of the West, Miss Gulch, or the munchkins. If you have any ideas for the characters reply and share them. Go Hey Arnold Season 6!!!


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Random Idea~

Post by Mykster on Sun Feb 20, 2011 3:40 am

Or how about a new series that brings the HA! Gang into high school. Some of them could quit the habits they had as kids. For example, Helga could ease up on the whole spitball thing and torturing Arnold and be more friendly towards him and the others (She could still call him football head. It never gets old) and she could still act tough when she needed to.(Gerald and Helga could actually talk and become friends or not nuetral to one another). When I was a kid I never saw them actually talk to each other whenever I watched the show. And Arnold could start to "like like" her and Helga being completely still clueless and naive about Arnold liking her more than a friend, but she could still have her moments of worshing Arnold or swooning quietly and Brainy could still sneak up on her, but Helga not punch him in the nose....too often. And the show could have a new title. I was thinking along the lines of Hey Arnold! Tales of Hillwood High. I still would like Mr. Simmons and Principal Wartz there. Maybe they transferred or something because, well, let's face it the show isn't the same without them or the school. R&R!


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Random Idea~

Post by SkaterGi on Fri Mar 04, 2011 4:51 am

Or an episode that proves that Helga has an imaginary friend that is indeed real. When she was little before she met Arnold and that she secretly never gave her imaginary friend up as she got older. Everyone could wonder why she hardly ever brought him up. Helga could based her "special friend" off of her a little of how she mostly stayed out of everyone else's way, always getting into trouble, shy and noisy when she wanted to be and often threw short temper tandrums. The episode could have a plot why Helga keeps her friend locked up in her closet or hidden under the bed. When Helga is 10, it's still locked up in her closet. Olga could be walking by Helga's room and hear a noise coming from her closet and she opens the door and releases the imaginary friend into the house, but not know it. (The imaginary friend is invisible and only Helga can see it) P.S. The imagninary friend's name is not mentioned and is bigger than Helga and is ticklish and likes bubbles.

(Three-year-old Helga is playing Surgery (parody of Operation) looks like it to be by herself, but she's not)

Three-year-old Helga: [baby voice] Take out "wenched" ankle.

Bob comes in the front door

Big Bob: Hello! I'm home from the Beeper Emporium!

(Big Bob walks past Helga, but trips over what looks like a big clump of mid air) (Helga's imaginary friend)

Big Bob: Oof! What the...?

(Looks to see just Helga sitting on the floor)

Helga: Are you "otay", Daddy?

Big Bob: Helga, how many stinking times have I told you not to trip Daddy, huh!?

Helga: But, I didn't. I -...

Big Bob: [exhales deeply] Whatever, I gotta lot of work to do.

( Flashforward to where Helga is 10)

Miriam: So, Olga, honey, let me get this straight. You heard wierd, gurgling noises coming from Helga's closet and when you opened it all you found was nothing?

Olga: Yes, mommy. I think something is haunting Baby Sister's room, but I don't know what.

(Helga comes through the door)

Big Bob: All right, little lady, spill. What are you hiding up there in that closet of yours?

Helga: Huh? Oh, no.

(Helga runs up to her room)

Miriam: Helga, honey, wait!

Helga: All right. Where are you? Come on out. It's just me. Don't be scared.

(The creature makes a scared, gurgling noise and Helga lures him back to the closet) (Big Bob, Miriam & Olga run up to Helga's room) (Helga immediately shuts the closet door behind her)

Helga: Olga, I told you NOT to come in.

Olga: [worried] Helga, what is that?

Helga: [trying to keep the door shut while it is pounding on it on the other side of the closet entrance] He's my..imaginary..friend.

(The three Patakis all go into shocked mode) Shocked

Miriam: Y-y-you mean it's real?

Helga: Yes, he is.

Big Bob: Why are you keeping him in your closet, girl?

Helga: Well, most kids give up their imaginary friends as their growing up, but I couldn't. I tried once, but he just kept coming back. I couldn't get rid of him. So, I kept him in my room for all these years. Please, don't be mad. he's been a real pal to me when I had none. Whenever I had I nightmare I let him out of the closet and let him sleep in my bed or under it. Can I still keep him?

Big Bob: Is it house-trained?

Miriam: Robert!

Big Bob: What'd I say?

Miriam: I think we should take you to Dr. Bliss, Helga.

Duh, Duh, Duhhh! To be Continued


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Re: Random Idea~

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