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Sid's Baby Sister

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Sid's Baby Sister

Post by leilistories on Sun Jun 19, 2011 4:00 am

I haven't watched the movie since I was probably six, but I was just reminiscing on the first Rugrats Movie, if anybody remembers that. Remember, with Dill coming into the world and Tommy being extremely upset about it? Well, that's what gave me this idea.

I can kind of imagine Sid having a baby sister. Somehow it would come as a surprise to him (maybe it could be a last minute adoption, or something appropriate enough for a kid's show), and he would suddenly have to run around and take care of her while his parents are busy. Of course, this would stress him out, which he would show in some hilariously Sid-like manner. Arnold would notice, and some how the problem will be resolved.

He could also have some kind of deluded thoughts of his parents wanting to replace him, maybe? I don't know. xD

(Sorry for all these crappy half-baked ideas)

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Re: Sid's Baby Sister

Post by Meganium on Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:43 pm

He would definitely freak out and start labeling all his stuff and asking all his friends questions like, "I'm a unique guy, right? There's nobody else like me, right? You'd never try to replace me, RIGHT??" and the like. XD And I can definitely see Sid getting a baby sister.

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