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From a HA fan's standpoint, waking up from this dream was terrible.

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From a HA fan's standpoint, waking up from this dream was terrible.

Post by WillBillXP on Sat Jul 02, 2011 1:55 pm

I don't know what caused this dream, but I'm certainly bittersweet about it. Maybe I had one of my project ideas on the mind before I went to bed? Well anyways, towards the end of one of my usual pointlessly weird dreams I never remember, I walked into a bookstore and noticed that there was a series of graphic novels titled "Hey Arnold: Final Episodes." It was a six part book where the first few books were the Jungle Movie and the rest of it detailed the aftermath of it and tied up miscellaneous ends of the series. I can't really remember what was even in the comics aside from being absurdly excited, flipping through and noticing some jungle scenes in an earlier book, a subway scene in a later one....and that's about it. The art style was a little different because it made the characters slightly more like the old ARNOLD! comics style, but it was still HA!. The book covers were minimalistic and done with single shots of the characters on plain color backgrounds (usually blue).

I purchased the books, saw an ad for a movie based on it coming soon to blu ray, and then woke up D:.


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Re: From a HA fan's standpoint, waking up from this dream was terrible.

Post by tendra91 on Sat Jul 02, 2011 5:19 pm

lol Oh no! Don't you wish you could have stayed in that dream a little longer, eh? (Or even better, became reality?) Ah, well. We can all dream <3

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