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Completed episodes?

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Completed episodes?

Post by aszadis on Sat Jul 09, 2011 7:30 pm

Hi everybody, now i know this website is meant for us to have fun and stuff but i think that if we are trying to get this done, the directors need to show us some samples of work that have been accomplished, or one could just stand here and say that this website is just another form of socializing because we are bored at home. As for me i registered as a Ha6s staff writer and brainstormer, does anyone want to do a project with me ? Im thinking about a tournament based episode where two or more contending parties are the foundation of a storyline...But what i really want to know "tendra" what happens to our work when we send it....i see no examples of finished artowrk on this site what so ever


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Re: Completed episodes?

Post by tendra91 on Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:27 pm

Hi Aszadis,

That's a very valid sentiment, and I'm always happy to answer your questions.

We currently have 6 episode projects running, and they are all currently in progress. We do not release our episode projects to the public until they are ready to be shown (i.e. comic pages are completed) and, until then, they can only be viewed by registered staff members. So I completely understand any non-member's frustration with seeing no finished episode pages, but that is the reason why non-members do not see any finished artwork on our forums.

The closest that non-members can monitor our progress is through our WordPress page (, under "Current Episode Projects". You should find that the status of our episodes there will be quite descriptive.

We are currently releasing comics now (as of last October, I believe?), on our "public" website: We have postponed our pilot episode's release date tentatively until this upcoming October, so for the past almost-year now, we've been releasing gag comics. Those gag comics are what you currently see on our public website.

So, to a final answer to your question about what happens to our work when we send it, it stays here on the forums. Episode ideas that have yet to be approved by the Directors will be found under the "General Discussion" sub-forum, where all can see and build upon these ideas. Our official episode projects are underground. Wink

Each episode project has their own private sub-forum, where related staff members working on each project can post their work. So once someone becomes a staff member, that's where they'll find another member's contributions to our episode projects. Since our episode projects are relatively public within our group of staff members, if someone decides to leave in the middle of a project, another member can pick up from where they left off. That's the main strength of the HA6S project in general.

So, again, great question. I hope I answered that to your satisfaction. If you have any more, please don't hesitate to shoot them over to us!



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