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Posting Format (Must Read Before Posting New Threads In This Section)

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Posting Format (Must Read Before Posting New Threads In This Section) Empty Posting Format (Must Read Before Posting New Threads In This Section)

Post by funnybones021 on Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:50 am

Only the first post of new threads should be in the standard format described below. You may disregard this information if your post is only a reply to a thread.

This section is designed to make it easy for staff members to find a project that matches their interests and skills. We are asking members to post threads in this section using the standard format described below. Any new threads in this section must be submitted in this format.

Episode Title
The title should be bolded or underlined. You may use a working title or any other method to identify the proposed project if there's no official title yet.

A brief summary of the main idea of the episode. Be clear and concise. Try to give as much important information as possible without being too wordy. Shoot for 5 sentences or less.

  • Group Leader:
  • Brainstormer:
  • Script Writer:
  • Thumbnail Artist:
  • Pencils:
  • Inking:
  • Coloring:
  • Backgrounds:
  • Clean Up:
  • Cover Artist:
  • Editors:
  • Advertiser:
Please make sure to write the names of staff members who have already signed up for any roles. You may want to add other roles that you feel are unique to your project. You should also mention whether a role has a need for additional staff members or not. You can be as specific or as vague as you want (for example, "We still need LOTS of background artists" or "0 Editors still needed"). Make sure to write something so that new members have a sense of how much they are needed for a particular role they could be interested in. They might not realize that multiple people may sign up for the same role.

  • Script: (example: "3 pages written")
  • Editing: (example: "1 page edited. 2 pages still need editing.")
  • Backgrounds: (example: "Not started yet")
  • etc./other
A checklist of what has been completed and what still needs to be done. You have some flexibility here. You can make a literal checklist or you can post links of whatever has been completed and then mention what still needs to be done (just make sure to label your links). List items in order of importance to you and your group. You don't have to list every role here (for example, don't list "Advertising" if it's not a very high priority at the can always change it later.)

Optional: Write a short biography about your group. Something that introduces the members of your group and makes new staff members feel welcome. Again, keep this short and concise. Try to keep it under 5 sentences.

Please update the information as frequently as you can. Updates should be done by editing the first post, not by making new posts. This keeps the updated information easily accessible at the top of the thread.


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