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Hey Arnold Fanfictions!

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Hey Arnold Fanfictions!

Post by RandomPerson52 on Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:17 am

For a while now, I've been trying to come up with new ideas for fanfictions. Let me just say, I'm not actually a member of, I'm a member of a website called Its for people that like making fanfics of Friendship is Magic. So right now, I'm making a fanfiction called Hey Twilight Sparkle!, which is just a little parody of HA! FiM style. Each character has an actual character personality. Like, Arnold: Twilight Sparkle, Helga Pataki: Rainbow Dash[My faves!], Pheobe: Fluttershy, Rhonda: Rarity, Gerald: Spike, Harold: *Supa Cassie, Mr.Simmons: Doctor Whooves, Olga Pataki: *Lightning Dash, "Big" Bob Pataki: *Sonic Dash, Miriam Pataki: *Cloud Dash, Big Patty: Gilda, Grandma: *Morning Sparkle Grandpa: *Midnight Sparkle, Sid: Pinkie Pie, Stinky: Apple Jack, Lila: Trixie, Brainy: Derpy Hooves, and Principal Wartz: Discord. (*-Made up Character). I was thinking I could also use it to also advertise ha6s too! I'll give people a link to the site, since there's bound to be some HA! fans on that site that would like to bring back the spirit of HA! again.

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