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A Comedy idea: Tick Tock Goes the Clock...

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A Comedy idea: Tick Tock Goes the Clock...

Post by JerRocks2day on Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:13 pm

I just came up with a skeletal outline for a shorter HA! story-- and is comedy oriented.

At the beginning of class, Mr. Simmons announces a special assignment-- he’s assigning four kids per group and gives him a clock to keep track of the time they spend together and see what they do in that amount of time.
In this case, he assigns Helga, Arnold, Gerald and Eugene together.
After school lets out, the four begin their day figuring out what they’re gonna be doing this weekend together.
After they figure something and spend the rest of the day hanging out, they all head home as Eugene volunteers to take the clock with him.
But aboard the bus, he accidentally mixes the clock with that of another-- belong to two other guys. Unfortunately, it’s the exact same looking clock as the one he was assigned.
The next day, the four friends regroup and figure out what they’re going to do next-- as they continue their day, Eugene is grateful how nothing went wrong on this assignment so far.
That’s when they notice that their clock is not what it seems-- this clock has small initialings on it.
They eventually figure out that he grabbed the wrong clock back on the bus and Eugene suggests that they go back and rightfully return it.
Eventually, they find the guys who they misplaced the clock with and follow them to their ‘hideout’
It turns out that they’re underground henchman of an underground crime boss designated to blow up those who double cross them.
And wouldn’t you know? It turned out Eugene had been carrying the bomb the whole time-- it’s set to go off within the time period that he and his friends are suppose to spend time together.
Arnold suggests that they do the right thing and call the cops-- but Eugene suggests that they should go and find out where they hid the clock.
Thus, they end up disguising themselves as hoodlums, to which Helga’s dismayed by, and get inside to learn where they hid the clock-- they do so by attempting to fit in the crowd.
Of course, it isn’t long until they’re discovered and make a run for it before the bad guys could bag them.
They quickly take a cab, as the bad guys, and the boss, are in pursuit. In a matter of moments, they lose them and get to the hideout where the clock is supposively about to go off.
But when the arrive and find the clock, the bad guys take them by surprise, and it ends up like a game of football as our heroes pass the clocks around to confuse the enemy.
After they get out of the hideout, the bomb clock is ticking to it’s end and they desperately figure out where are they going to put or how to disarm it.
Eugene comes up with a plan with how to get rid of it and get away from the bad guys-- by puting it in the sewer and detinating in the water, erupting the sewer cover, where they’re standing upon, and manage to hang ten in the air.
Long story short, they stop the bomb, they end their time on time together as assigned, the bad guys are bagged and put in jail-- and everybody lives happily ever after.

What do you think?


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Re: A Comedy idea: Tick Tock Goes the Clock...

Post by tendra91 on Sat Jan 05, 2013 8:03 pm

Hey Jer,

Wow! Whole new plot outline! Nicely done! Very Happy

I read through the plot outline, but there's a couple of things I didn't quite get and was wondering if you can clarify:

- Mr Simmon's class assignment - what is it exactly? What I got was that the class assignment is to keep a log of how they spend a weekend together, and that they are lent a clock to help them keep track of time? Did I get that right?

- "It turned out Eugene had been carrying the bomb the whole time...
Arnold suggests that they do the right thing and call the cops-- but Eugene suggests that they should go and find out where they hid the clock.": I was a little bit confused there. When Eugene takes the wrong clock on the bus, does he or does he not have the bomb with him? Because if he has the bomb already with him, I'm a bit confused as to why they would find the original hiding spot of the bomb if they already have it.

But other than that, I can see how this plot can be very comedic. And I bet adding Eugene to the group will make for some hilarious times. Smile If what you are aiming for here is comedy, I bet you can make this episode here a lot more fun and light-hearted if you also play with the bad guys. Don't make them all serious, but perhaps rather goofy or dimwitted. You could even place in some humorous irony in here if the clock wasn't a bomb at all, but rather something else. And with the scene where the kids put the bomb in the sewer, I bet you could make a funny cameo of the Sewer King.

Great work!


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