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Jer's Cover Art

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Jer's Cover Art

Post by JerRocks2day on Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:01 am

Hey guys! This thread is going to be where I post all my seperate Cover Art for all HA! related cover designs.

The first one that I am posting is part of the Superficial story that I have been working away with Tendra-- there are actually 5 particular cover designs for the arc that I have in mind (being that I may have to end up moving the story arc to 5 rather than 4 parts). To start out, I have an official Cover A for part 1 for the HA! episode, Superficial.

Take a glance:

If you notice something particularly reminiscing about the design, I patterned it after Bruce Timm's cover design for Batgirl adventures right here:

Purposely, I'm going to be patterning Arnold, Helga, Gerald and Phoebe (and the 5th issue w/ Harold, Stinky, Sid and Curly Wink) in this fashion for the A Covers-- the B and C covers will range in different designs though.

What do you think?


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