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Return of the Pigeon Man?

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Return of the Pigeon Man? Empty Return of the Pigeon Man?

Post by JerRocks2day on Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:50 pm

I can't fully describe the idea yet, but I thought maybe we should consider an episode where Pigeon Man (Vincent) returns to Hillwood.

In the end of the original episode, we see that Vincent/Pigeon Man can never understand humans, but after being inspired by Arnold, hopes to find hope in humanity while protecting pigeons everywhere.

The premise for this idea goes like this:
-Arnold thinks he saw Pigeon Man flying around, and believes that he's returned. But trouble is set ablaze when a cult called 'Conference for the Birds*' (a group of humans dressed as birds), whose mission is to rid themselves of humans, arrives in town and wants to take down Pigeon Man for betraying the Conference.

I was also thinking that this could be a perfect opportunity for Arnold's Dark Avenger persona to return; as well as Gerald's Black Arachnid, Phoebe's Bonnie Lass, and Helga's Mist Mistress. The reason being is that I'm considering a showdown at the town bridge and the gang decides to help out Pigeon Man and stop the CFTB squad.

On Pigeon Man's character development, I figured the experience will help him realize that not only should he just protect pigeons or birds, but everyone, human and birds alike. And that there is good and evil within all human hearts.

What do you think? Does it sound HA!-ish enough?

*Conference for the Birds is named after a Suffi-Islamic poem I read in my Global Lit class called, 'Conference of the Birds.' It's a good narrative poem and I recommend you guys should read it.


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Return of the Pigeon Man? Empty Re: Return of the Pigeon Man?

Post by Noah_R on Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:04 am

sounds interesting i like it

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