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What are the HA6S Fanwork Awards?

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What are the HA6S Fanwork Awards?

Post by tendra91 on Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:13 am

The HA! community is a wonderfully vibrant community, with so many fans producing several different types of fanwork.  The HA6S Project would like to recognize that.  Every three months (fall, winter, spring, summer), the HA6S Project would like to honour nine different fans: three each in the areas of fanart, fanfiction, and fan-videos.  This is where you can nominate your favourite piece of fanwork(s) for our upcoming awards period!

How it Works:
- In the beginning of every season (early-fall/winter/spring/summer), three new sticky threads will open.  One for nominated fanart, nominated fanfiction, and nominated fan-videos for the upcoming HA6S Fanwork Awards period.  This is where you can post your nomination for your favourite piece of fanwork, in the corresponding thread.
- At the middle of every season, these threads will become locked.  The site will be updated, where you can then vote for your favourite fanwork in each corresponding area of fanart, fanfiction, and fan-video.  
- At the beginning of the next season, voting will close and the top three most-voted pieces of fanwork in the areas of fanart, fanfiction, and fanvideo will be announced on the site.  Hence, 9 different pieces of fanwork will be featured every month.

Nomination Guidelines:
- You can nominate each in the three different award areas (fanart, fanfiction, fan-video)
- You can nominate more than one piece of fanwork in each section (fanart, fanfiction, fan-video).  They can be from the same creator.
- When you post your nomination, please be sure to include three things: THE NAME OF THE FANWORK, THE NAME OF THE CREATOR, AND A CORRESPONDING LINK TO THE FANWORK.
- If insufficient nominations are made for the seasonal period, Directors of this project will nominate fanworks to achieve a minimum of 3 nominated fanworks for each category.

- You can self-nominate your own piece of fanwork
- As common courtesy, please notify your nominee that they have been nominated if possible

Award Guidelines
- The top three winning pieces of fanwork in a single section (fanart, fanfiction, fan-video) must be from different creators.  If two pieces of fanwork from the same creator make it into the top three, the one that was voted the most on will be awarded the HA6S Fanwork Award.
- Ties between different pieces of fanworks are allowed
- A single piece of fanwork can only be in 1st place for two award periods in a row

Yearly Schedule:
Early December: Voting for Winter nominees close.  Winners of Winter HA6S Fanwork Awards (HFAs) are announced.  Nominations for Spring HFAs open.
Mid January: Nominations for Spring HFAs close.  Voting for Spring HFAs begin.
Early March: Voting for Spring nominees close.  Winners of Spring HA6S Fanwork Awards (HFAs) are announced.  Nominations for Summer HFAs open.
Mid April: Nominations for Summer HFAs close.  Voting for Summer HFAs begin.
Early June: Voting for Summer nominees close.  Winners of Summer HA6S Fanwork Awards (HFAs) are announced.  Nominations for Fall HFAs open.
Mid July: Nominations for Fall HFAs close.  Voting for Fall HFAs begin.
Early September: Voting for Fall nominees close.  Winners of Fall HA6S Fanwork Awards (HFAs) are announced.  Nominations for Winter HFAs open.
Mid October: Nominations for Winter HFAs close.  Voting for Winter HFAs begin.

As the HA6S project got off hiatus a bit later than early June, nominations for Fall HFAs will open on June 30, 2013 instead.  Fall nominations will close on July 27, 2013, where voting will begin immediately afterwards.  Fall HFA winners will be announced in early September as per the schedule.

Please post any comments or questions that you may have.

Let the HA6S Fanwork Awards begin!

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