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Hanging Around This Town (Revival)

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Hanging Around This Town (Revival)

Post by funderkitty07 on Thu Aug 07, 2014 3:46 pm

Hi all,

I proposed an episode titled "Hanging Around This Town" back in 2010 and after a long hiatus, I would be more than willing to get it going again. As a reminder, here is the plot. I will make tweaks to the plot per your suggestion. I have been thinking of some changes as well.

Episode Idea-“Hanging Around This Town.”
Plot Idea Summary:

The episode opens in a dream sequence. Arnold tip-toes downstairs and hears his parents' voices in the kitchen. They are saying something about "the trip" to Grandpa Phil and the other borders. The words are muttered but their tone sounds urgent. Arnold enters the kitchen to find it empty. The windows blow open and he hears his mother's voice calling his name. Arnold runs outside and sees a blurry image of his mom and dad crossing the street arm and arm. Arnold chases the image across the street but it evaporates. Their voices carry through the wind and Arnold chases the voices downtown. He sees images of his parents in various places at different ages like Mr. Green's bakery, Mrs. Vitello's flower shop, PS118, the park and Big Bob's Beeper's. They were in Hillwood years ago but Arnold can't remember. When Arnold returns home, Grandpa opens the door and says, "You're a little late, Shortman."

Arnold wakes up breathing heavy on a rainy Monday. The first sound he hears is the familiar buzzing of his alarm clock. He reaches to turn it off but stops an inch before the “off” button. He lets it buzz for a few more seconds, exhales, then taps the button. He opens his dresser drawer and stops to notice the arrangement of blue over shirts and checkered, red collar shirts. He selects his typical outfit and heads out the door.

Walking downstairs, Arnold hears the familiar sounds of the boarding house: Suzie Kokoshka threatening to leave Oscar if he doesn’t get a job while Ernie Potts and Mr. Hyunh shout at Oscar about the fifty dollars he "borrowed", Grandma pretending to be a wild life expert looking for a giant, prehistoric spider, and the robot Mr. Smith built to retrieve his breakfast. Grandpa greets him with “Why the long face, Shortman?” Arnold replies, “Just one of those mornings, grandpa,” grabs an umbrella and heads out into the rain without breakfast.

Getting onto the bus, Arnold bumps into Helga. She opens her mouth and Arnold cuts her off with, “yeah, I know, ‘watch where you’re going, Football Head’ .” Helga’s mouth drops and Arnold takes his familiar seat next to Gerald. Gerald comments on how he “woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.” Arnold shrugs it off and grunts as he hears the same old conversations in back of the bus: Rhonda bragging to Nadine about her new fall wardrobe, Helga imitating Rhonda to Phoebe in the seat behind them, Harold talking to Stinky about entering the Mr. Nutty Bar Contest, [insert more familiar tropes].

During Mr. Simmons' geography lesson, Arnold is captivated by a slide show of different countries Mr. Simmons traveled to. The lesson stops short when Helga and Harold engage in a wrestling match as a result of Harold hurling spitballs at her. After school, Arnold talks to Gerald about how great the slide show was-especially the South American slides. Arnold expresses his desire to see the world. Gerald, however, was much too interested in the spitball activities to notice.

Arnold goes home to the same boarding house quarrels he returns to everyday. Fed up with this familiar scene, Arnold announces he is going for a walk and slams the front door behind him. Grandpa watches him walk out into the rain without an umbrella. Gerald arrives at the door a moment later. Grandpa tells him he went out for a walk and Gerald comments on Arnold’s behavior.

Grandpa sighs and tells Gerald the story of how Arnold’s parents grew weary of Hillwood’s familiarity and decided to travel. The episode splits between Miles and Stella’s back story and Arnold’s long walk. Will Arnold walk the same path his parent’s did? This is a question that shouldn't be resolved in this episode and should linger throughout season 6 leading up to the second movie.

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Re: Hanging Around This Town (Revival)

Post by 8life0is0a0game8 on Fri Dec 19, 2014 10:55 am

I love it, though I think it'd be a very short 'episode'. Maybe think up some more filler, add in some daydreams, etc.
Feels strange in a sense, considering how lighthearted the show generally is.

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