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Deadline Schedule

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Deadline Schedule

Post by tendra91 on Sat Jul 04, 2009 6:29 pm

The following is a list of deadlines of when certain parts of the episode project (which is approximately 10 pages long in this example) should be done. Use these deadlines as a time-management guideline.

Part of Episode [#] Project that should be done
End of Week 2 - All Scripts and thumbnails
End of Month 1- First progress report
End of Month 2- Second progress report
End of Week 13- All pencilled pages
End of Week 14- All inked pages
End of Week 15- All coloured pages
End of Month 3- Third progress report
End of Week 16- All comic pages with backgrounds
End of Week 17- All final comic pages
- At least one advertisement for Episode [#] Project
End of Month 4- Fourth progress report
End of Week 20- All aspects of Episode [#] Project
The gap between Week 17 and Week 20 is to allow for any delays / extra editing that needs to be done.

Click the following link to open a Word Document file containing the detailed deadline schedule for the Episode [#] Project. You may wish to save this schedule onto your computer.
Write a reply to this Sticky thread about any comments/concerns you might have regarding the deadline schedule.


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